Semiconductor Protection Fuses

Whatever your need, IXYS UK can provide the protection you require for your design

With a reputation as one of the world leading manufacturers of power semiconductor devices, IXYS UK is renowned for high quality and class leading research, development, manufacture and marketing of high power silicon products.

Specifically designed to provide protection for power semiconductors against circuit faults and to isolate failed devices, our fuses Utilise proven advanced technology and provide the performance and characteristics necessary to meet the levels of protection required in the onerous circuit conditions encountered in today’s and tomorrow’s power conversion equipment.

The IXYS UK range of fuses offers fast-acting, ultra rapid protection against device rupture, external short circuits, destructive energy let through and excessive peak currents.

These fuses are produced using proven, advanced technology to international standards. The majority of the IXYS UK range has UL recognition.

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