IXYS UK’s power electronics assemblies group has been an integral part of our core business since the early 1920’s when we began production of the first commercially available solid state rectifiers.

From discrete devices to complete assemblies, our customers can procure our products in whatever form suits their needs on a global basis. Supply management is critical to every manufacturer and reducing costs without compromising quality is essential. Our experienced, international, team of engineers is on hand to help our customers to get more from their products and keep at the forefront of technology in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced specialists are on hand to provide our customers with first class support on everything from a simple air-cooled rectifier to a highly integrated custom power converter.

Using the latest 3D modelling and simulation techniques, we can significantly reduce the cycle time from concept to fully developed design, minimising risk and identifying opportunity for optimisation early in the project.

With double digit growth in the preceding 5 years, in 2010 we moved into a new 300m2 dedicated production facility complemented by a well-equipped power lab. These new facilities, supported by an expanded team of engineers and technicians form the foundations for continued investment and growth in this strategic area of our business.

Power Semiconductor Assemblies

Drawing on our vast experience, product portfolio and industry contacts, our team is ready to work with you to produce complete solutions to your power electronic problems.

In many cases you will know exactly what you need – how it will be cooled, controlled, interfaced and implemented. However, in some cases you will have an idea, concept or problem that needs developing into a complete solution. Whatever your needs, our team of specialists, working closely with you, can provide a state of the art solution that adds real value to your business.

We can develop custom heatsinks, coolers, clamps, capacitors, semiconductor fuses, control electronics and mechanical packaging optimised to your application. Add to this our in house expertise in power semiconductor technologies, both within IXYS UK and the wider IXYS organisation, nobody is better prepared and able to deliver excellence in the field of power electronics assemblies

Step 1 - Problem

Step 2 - Design

Step 3 - Manufacture

Step 4 - Deliver

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