We understand that good communication and close collaboration help us provide the very best service to our customers

Using the latest 3D modelling techniques we can visualise concepts and check form, fit and function with virtual prototypes. Also, utilising advanced software packages, IXYS UK can carry out simulation modelling, allowing us to model pressure drops through coolers/manifolds and heat flows through heatsinks.

Whether finding solutions to complex engineering problems or simply manufacturing to your designs, you will find IXYS UK offers outstanding value for money, excellent quality and first class customer service

By working closely together from the very start of a project we aim to provide the best solutions on time and in budget

IXYS UK’s extensive range of discrete components are used throughout the rail industry and its infrastructure

Power semiconductors are at the heart of any power electronics system. Our portfolio of “tried, tested and trusted” power semiconductor devices and skills in applying them make us the logical choice for you power electronic traction needs

IXYS UK has a broad range of high power semiconductor devices available ranging from simple rectifier diodes to state of the art press-pack IGBT’s;

Custom Assemblies

“Powering Transport” from generation to locomotives, our products are hard at work around the globe providing reliable energy control

Our design philosophy

From concept through development and manufacture to after sales support, we believe strongly in working closely with our customer every step of the way – extending our philosophy of teamwork beyond our own organisation


3D modelling

Pressure drop analysis


Working systematically to the highest international standards, we can give your equipment a new lease of life and help protect your investment in these valuable assets

Component obsolescence is becoming a significant problem for the rail sector as equipment design life invariably exceeds that of the modern power electronics components. Our highly skilled team of engineers are able to re-engineer older equipment to incorporate the latest technology whilst maintaining compatibility

An example of this is replacing obsolete force commutated thyristors in a propulsion converter with a state of the art press-pack IGBT solution

As equipment reached half-life, many of the major power components will reach the end of their useful life resulting in a sharp decline in equipment reliability and availability. In these circumstances we can offer a full overhaul and refurbishment program for your power electronics, from engineering analysis, test and measurement through to delivery and validation of refurbished equipment

For larger projects such as fleet wide refits, we are able to work within a consortium of specialist international companies to ensure you have the right skills on hand to deliver turnkey solutions to your requirements. This may include system analysis, project management, risk assessment and safety case

With over 40 years of experience, our dedicate team of design engineers can deliver solutions to a whole range of design problems, ranging from simple trackside rectifiers to complex propulsion converters

IXYS UK power electronic assemblies group pioneered the early development of solid state converters for traction systems in the late 1950’s as part of the Westinghouse brake & signal company. Over the years we have gained an enviable reputation within the rail sector as a solution provider

Using our experience and broad network of contacts within the industry, we are able to offer assistance in tackling issues such as; component obsolescence, improving power equipment reliability, contract maintenance of power modules, refurbishment of power electronics, upgrades to existing systems and, of course, subcontract manufacture for new projects

Traction applications