Important Notice - Counterfeit Goods

Dear Valued Customer,


It has been brought to our attention that an increasing number of counterfeit or knock-off products are appearing in the semiconductor marketplace. In order to deliberately confuse customers, some of these counterfeit products may have trademarks, branding, or labels that closely resemble those of IXYS genuine products.   Knock-offs may claim to be fully functional replacements for IXYS genuine products.


IXYS products are designed, manufactured, tested, handled, and stored to achieve rigorous quality and reliability. Counterfeit or knock-off products may not have been subjected to similar quality processes. IXYS is not responsible for any parts purchased through unauthorized channels, nor do we accept any liability for failure, defects, or damage caused by counterfeit or knock-off products.


Our advice to customer is as follows:

 Only purchase from IXYS directly or from one of our authorized representatives or distributors.

Details of your local official IXYS sales channel can be found at  We strongly advise against purchasing IXYS products at suspiciously low prices via unauthorized distributors, online auction houses, or grey market traders.  Be wary of knock-off products that purport to match IXYS functionality, quality and reliability.


If you are in any doubt, IXYS will be pleased to confirm the authenticity of our parts. To confirm authenticity please contact the appropriate IXYS division at with as much detail as possible, including the following information; Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost, contact details of the supplier, (including address, phone, and web / e-mail addresses), digital photographs of the product including markings, inner & outer packaging, and a copy of any purchase order or invoice.


IXYS values your continued business, and takes the issues of counterfeit and knock-off goods seriously.  IXYS will act vigorously to protect the integrity of its products and its reputation in the marketplace.