As a pioneer of Press-Pack IGBT technology, we are able to offer a range of class leading devices with voltage ratings of 1.7kV (900V DC link), 2.5kV (1.25kV DC link) and 4.5kV (2.8kV DC link). The construction of these devices is totally free from wire and solder bonds which all but eliminates the problems of mechanical fatigue associated with conventional modules. Internal stray inductance in both the gate connections and emitter connections is vastly reduced when compared to conventional modules leading to improved ruggedness and short circuit behavior, which is further enhanced by direct cooling of the emitter side of the chip.

Press-Pack Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT’s)

Press-pack IGBT Capsules IGBT Gate Drive Boards

Our IGBT’s exhibit exceptional power cycling performance; typically an order of magnitude better than modules, making them highly suited to applications such as induction heating and mass transits where there are repeated cyclic power demands. They are explosion rated making them a good choice in critical applications such as mining, the petro-chemical industry, and transportation applications. They have a stable short circuit failure mode which, as well as safety benefits, makes them an ideal choice for medium and high voltage applications where series connection is required. Press-pack construction is the obvious choice where series connection is needed and the short circuit failure mode allows for the design in of n+redundancy.

These devices are based on a state of the art punch through (PT) process, which yields exceptional values VCE(sat) and quiet switching behavior despite the high voltage ratings, yet the devices feature a positive temperature coefficient making them suitable for reliable parallel operation. Devices available with or without integral anti-parallel diode; a range of complimentary extra fast recovery diodes optimized for use with these IGBTs are available now with more based on exciting new technologies coming soon, please contact your representative for more information.

Typical applications include HVDC, Active VAr controllers and medium voltage drives. They are largely backwardly compatible with standard 2.5kV and 4.5kV GTOs in many applications such as AC drives. This makes these parts a simple and economical path to upgrade or refurbish equipment that previously used GTOs, such as locomotives or medium voltage drives.They are suitable for all cooling options including direct liquid immersion. Complementary gate drives, mounting clamps and passive components available.

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