We have a comprehensive range of standard assemblies for all of the common converter topologies utilising either natural air, forced air or liquid cooling. These well-proven designs provide an economical alternative to in house design and assembly of discrete parts. These assemblies are available on short lead-times to suit most common line voltages and current ratings from 35 A to 15 kA.

Standard Assemblies

A standard assembly module provides the basic building block for this new range of assemblies.

Assembly modules can incorporate either single of dual devices and allow for the building of; single-phase diode and thyristor bridges, 3-phase diode and thyristor bridges, or 6-phase single way diode and thyristor assemblies.

A custom built assembly can be provided when a standard solution is not suitable.

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WESTACK Modular Solutions

A range of 3-level topology assemblies using press-pack IGBT technology have been developed to serve applications at the highest end of the power market.

3 separate designs are available, a totally independent 3.3kV system, a 6.6kV system and a 10kV system. The 6.6kV and 10kV systems are based on the combination of 2 IGBT stacks and 1 diode stack. Each system benefits from direct water cooling to provide highly effective heat dissipation away from the devices and pre-loaded disc spring clamping to evenly distribute the applied force across the entire surface area of the device.

Also designed into each system is an integrated snubber circuit design and an isolated clamping rod system to limit the occurrence of eddy currents within the unit.

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Press-pack IGBT 3-level inverters

These new assemblies, which can be supplied either with the diodes ready mounted or as kits allow for easy mounting of rectifier diodes to cooling fins using four bolts.

The diodes are single side mounted directly to a copper base plate pre-drilled with the four bolt holes. Diodes can be either anode or cathode side down, with three versions available suitable for 34mm to 50mm electrode devices. An extensive range of ‘standard’ parts is available, see overleaf, with the mounting hole positions compatible with the now obsolete range of flat based rectifiers previously offered by a number of manufacturers.

For more information on our innovative 3-level inverter assemblies please click here or contact us for more information

Easy-mount standard rectifier assemblies